Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spring in London

Since I've been back from my travels around the Nordic countries the weather here in NW3 has been glorious. The contrast to the snow and ice I left behind in Sweden could not have been starker. On the first day back last Monday when I took the little terrier for his morning constitutional I wore a puffa coat and wellies and felt silly amongst the short sleeved t-shirts and trainers worn by my fellow dog walkers on the Heath. But according to the weather men all is about to change: there's rain on the horizon.

Kite flying on Hampstead Heath

I wish these beauties were growing in my garden.

I took these pictures yesterday to show those of you who live elsewhere in the world how lovely the sunshine has been and how far advanced spring already is here in the middle of the city. Hope you like them.


Tilda Drake esq. said...

Loving your photos, Helena.
Magical snowy scenes in Sweden and Finland to spring blooms in London - glorious!

I'm looking forward to a trip over to London this July for my sister's wedding. Might pop in to England's Lane Books, but will avoid that eaterie you mentioned a few posts ago!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Helena, you did miss some lovely weather but at least you had a great trip.

I wish they were in my garden too! My garden is a mess. I've been meaning to mow the lawn this week. I'm going to try tomorrow if it's not raining xx