Monday, 2 May 2011

Walk in London: Regent's Park

Amazingly before yesterday, I'd never walked through Regent's Park. I'd driven through there many a time, but had never strolled along the canal. So on Sunday instead of taking the terrier to our usual haunt, Hampstead Heath, we drove further into the centre of London.

One end of The Boating Lake

Terrier appreciation society

Canal boat approaching...

....and departing

You wouldn't believe on top of this bridge there's busy traffic

Same bridge

Regent's Canal
Terrier again

OK, it wasn't that busy on the bridge after all...

View of the Canal from the bridge

London cab on the Outer Circle
It's amazing to think that there is such a vast green space in central London, and that this is just one of the many parks in this great city. On a day like yesterday it was bliss walking along the canal - even dodging the odd runner and cyclist, it felt as if we had the place to ourselves.

What's the point of the countryside again? (Just joking...)


Sue said...

Dear Helena,I used to live on Albany Street beside the Queen's Head & Artichoke a million years ago and it was just heaven.I loved reading your post.You're so right.regards Sue

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Helena, I adore Regent's Park. We're very lucky to have so much green around us. You have the best of both where you are xx

QEIII said...

These are such lovely photos! I visited Regent's on my first trip to London in '05 and I was completely enchanted (along with the city!). said...

Lovely pictures.

Regent's Park is great, as is Hyde Park, The Heath, St James Park and ALL the other amazing green spaces in London.

I keep getting excited every time I discover a new one in more remote areas, like the beautiful Victorian Abney Park Cemetery in Stoke Newington.

Mwa said...

What a great place! I always forget the parks when I'm trying to decide if we should live inside or outside the city...