Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Design from Åland: Ego Collection by Minna Rundberg

I discovered the simple designs by Åland born designer Minna Rundberg last summer when I was looking for a present for a friend's significant birthday. Then Minna had her products set out in a small corner of a shop and was just planning an internet site.

I bought a pair of Prisma schnapps glasses decorated with gold leaf and sighed at the thought of not being able to purchase any of the other items because my suitcase (as usual) was already bursting at the seams.

This year Minna had moved into larger premises, although even these were temporary ones. Next autumn there'll be a permanent site across the road in central Mariehamn.

The bright designs with the simple lines of her organic cotton fabrics immediately appealed to my Nordic sense of style, as did the various trays, tables and glassware in her collection.

Minna Rundberg

Prisma table

Director's chair in Blueberry organic cotton

Prisma schnapps glasses in black
I think this is a designer worth keeping an eye on. Her online shop, which has free shipping until 31st August, is here 

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