Monday, 3 October 2011

Children's Scooters

This is a fairy tale picture
On the buses, on the Heath, fathers, mothers and other child minders carry the blessed things. On the rare occasion that a child rides one, the parent looks terrified. He or she either tries to run after the child who suddenly has realised that this is the most fun he's had since his cocooned privileged life began. Or alternatively the little blighter can't quite master the balancing thing and has to be guided by the parent(s).

It seems to me that these two wheeled monsters can only be successfully used on an even surface, not on the gravel paths around the Heath, nor on lawns, or on most London pavements.

In all cases the scooter is nothing but a hindrance to normal commuters or Sunday walkers. 

Not to mention the poor parents who end up carrying the scooter and often a crying frustrated child too. 

Why are parents in London putting up with this stupid fad?

Rant over.


Mrs P said...

Sounds like you had a run-in with one? I think they are lethal, I once had a go and it flicked up and hit me in the achilles - deeply painful x

Anonymous said...

I loathe them and the parents who let their kids roam around freely on them on the pavements crashing into everyone AND then snootily looking at you as you were at fault.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Yes, me too. What's so wrong with walking anyway?

Imogen said...

Ooh, we get people trying to bring these loathsome things into the place where I work (a well-known botanical garden in west London...). "My child won't walk, he HAS to have his scooter" is often given as an explanation when the ticket staff say "we're sorry but scooters aren't allowed here". Another common response is "Call yourselves family-friendly? And you won't let a little one have their scooter? You're spoiling her day! Darling, sweetie, the horrid gentleman says you can't have your scooter...". I HATE scooters! Similar problems here with footballs and roller skates, of course. K** G******(redacted) is a botanical garden, not a flippin' park!
Rant over.

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scooter said...

How does the scooter today compare with the early scooters?

scooter said...

How does the scooter today compare with the early scooters?