Sunday, 21 October 2012

James Bond is everywhere in London

I have to admit to being a bit of a Bond fan. I grew up with Roger Moore as the Bond, and have since had difficulty in thinking anyone else can be as good as him in that role (I know, I know, Sean Connery was the original but I'm too young  - ahem - to remember him). But, our current Bond, Daniel Craig is doing a pretty good job to win me over. He's so much more edgy than the Bonds of my youth. As the Telegraph Magazine yesterday said, 'There's a real sense that this man is burning up from the inside.' How true (shivers down my spine).

So I cannot wait till Friday when I'll be seeing Skyfall. Not only because it's a new Bond film, or because Craig is such a dish, but also because my current near-obession, the Swedish actor, ex-husband of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-famed, Noomi, Ola Rapace also stars in Skyfall. Such a shame he's playing a baddie…although, perhaps that's a good thing…(more spine tingling).

Ola Rapace in Syfall. Photo: 


Margit Appleton said...

I admire you, Helena, that you actually like the Daniel Craig Bond - because I can't, however much I try (and can see the "edgy" bit). But I just cannot for the life of me get over the fact how UGLY he is - those ears! that potato face! No, for me Craig just doesn't cut the mustard as Bond, I'm biding my time until there'll be a new one :)

Anonymous said...

Great news that Daniel from Anna Pihl is is the latest Bond movie! Helena you bring us all the important news! Love your blog .... JaneS in Aus

Helena Halme said...

Margit, I'm speechless. Potato face! Mr Potato Face to you… :-)

Jane, Thank you! xx