Friday, 19 October 2012

My new surprise favourite shop

I'm having a strange fashion moment; I've started to enjoy wearing dresses. And not just any dresses but dresses made by the high-street fashion store, Hobbs.

Yesterday on my trip to Birmingham to see daughter,
I wore my latest Hobbs dress acquisition.
I've been a fan of Hobbs for some time, but I've mainly bought things there for weddings and other traditional occasions, where I needed to - dare I say it - dress my age.

But recently, I've started to wear their patterned jersey dresses as an everyday item. And the other day, I found myself buying an outfit from their online shop sale, which when it arrived, I loved so much, I cannot wait to wear it.

For one thing the skirt is pleated. I didn't think I could wear this style, because I've never been able to carry off pleats due to my, ahem, feminine hips. But for some reason this skirt is different. Plus, the jacket skims my waist and hips so well, that it 'contains' the fullness of the skirt. 
Chelsea skirt £98.10 (was £159.00)
Cathy jacket £152.10 (was £249.00)
In the picture above I'm also wearing flat Mary Jane style shoes from another recent favourite store, Anthropologie.

Glossed D'Orsey Flats £98
I know our newly crowned Princess Kate favours Hobbs too, but believe me this has in no way affected my sudden love of the store. For one, I am several sizes larger than she is (harumph!), and usually, if a Royal endorses a label, I run a mile.

Kate wearing a Hobbs dress this summer
Plus I've always seen myself much more of a jeans wearing, rock-chick type, than the traditional dress-wearing sort, but there you are, I guess we all have to grow up at some point?

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