Saturday, 2 February 2013

The 5:2 Fast Diet is a family affair

Having been going on about our new 5:2 Fast Diet to all and sundry for months now, I suddenly realised that almost all of my family are doing the intermittent fasting too!

The Englishman wrote about his experiences with the diet below and our Daughter started the 5:2 fasting as soon as she went back to uni after Christmas. She's never been fat, but felt that she wanted to lose the few pounds she'd put on over Christmas. As she has no access to a reliable set of scales (students!), she can't tell me how much she's lost in the last four weeks, but reported that her hipbones were more noticeable. Oh, the wonders of youth! However much I starve myself, I don't think I'll ever get to that stage; my hipbones haven't seen the light of day in years…

Son and his girlfriend have caught the bug too; on a recent evening out Son told us he'd not eaten anything all day to save his 600 fasting day calories for the meal we were just about to consume. Bad planning, I call that, but all the same, he's looking lean and healthy on the 5:2.

The latest recruit within my family circle to the Fast Diet is my big sister. She's only been doing it for two weeks and has already lost 2.5 kilos. Way to go Big Sis!

The only creature in the family left for me to recruit is the terrier, but I think I might have some trouble explaining the concept to him….

And on that note, here's a gratuitous cute terrier picture.

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