Friday, 26 April 2013

A Weekend Reader Offer on Coffee and Vodka!

Coffee and Vodka, dubbed 'Nordic Noir Meets Family Saga' at The London Book Fair, is now on a very special and very limited offer. From today until Sunday (26-28 April 2013) you can download my book for only £1.35  (or $1.99).

Here are more details and links to where you can download the book.

Now Only $1.99 
Was $4.99
Offer Ends Sunday 28th April 13
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Readers give Coffee and Vodka  ***** stars

"Compelling Narrative"   "Fabulous reading"

Nordic Noir meets family saga in this heartfelt story of immigration and family breakup set in Finland and Sweden. 

'In Stockholm everything is bigger and better'. 11-year-old Eeva is excited when Pappa decides her family will emigrate to Sweden from Finland. But adjusting to a new language and culture is not as easy as Pappa thought. Thirty years later, when Eeva returns to her home town of Tampere to see her dying grandmother, she is forced relive the dramatic events of her childhood. 

Some prices may change wthout notice, so please make sure to confirm the offer before downloading. 

Have a nice weekend and happy reading!  The sun has come out again in London….(for a brief moment at least).


A month of....Blog said...

I like the title!
A month of Blog...

Maurice Mitchell said...

Sweden to Finland! What a culture shock!
- Maurice Mitchell
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Helena Halme said...

Thank you! Hope the content is equally pleasing...!