Friday, 17 May 2013

On location in Tampere, Finland

Those of you who know about my books (or have read them), will have noticed that Tampere, my home town, features heavily in two of them. It wasn't something I exactly planned, but I think in my mind I'm often there, even if I was only ten years old when I moved away with my family.

Every time I visit Tampere, I’m reminded of the stories, and the lives of Kaisa (The Englishman) and Eeva (Coffee and Vodka). I take pictures upon pictures of all the locations featured in the two books.

So I thought I’d share with you some of pictures I took of the places I had in my mind when I wrote the two novels.

The steps of the church (Tampere Cathedral)
Kaisa and The Englishman were married.
The Tampere Cathedral basking in sunshine.
A few pictures from Kalevankankaa cemetery where Eeva and her sister Anja  (in Coffee and Vodka) played when they were growing up in Tampere.

Here is the magnificent rapids which Kaisa in The Englishman feared when she was little.

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