Sunday, 22 September 2013

Radio silence and a poorly back

It's been a while since I posted something but it isn't that I've forgotten about you all.

No, it's my back once again.... Yes, I know it's getting a little boring now, but bear with me, normal blogging service will soon be resumed. (I am seeing a wonderful osteopath).

However, to make matters worse, yesterday I also managed to stub my little toe. Not quite sure how it happened but it involved a Marimekko bag, an overflowing bedroom floor and a manoeuvre trying to do something quickly while also trying to avoid any sudden movement of the back. (Before you ask, no alcohol had been consumed while making this manoeuvre). My little toe got caught in the strap and buckle of the bag and although at first I though nothing of it, the pain in the toe became more insistent, and inspecting it, I noticed I'd acquired a nasty purple left little toe twice the size of its counterpart on my right leg.

So, now my lovely readers, I am sitting here with my toe wrapped up and my left leg up on a chair, trying to work on my laptop while keeping my spirits up. (What is happening to me???)

But there is some good news: while writing is difficult in these conditions (and on painkillers), I am able get on with formatting The Englishman ready for publication in paperback. This, fortunately, is a task that requires a little less concentration than writing. Wish me luck because this little piggy won't be going to market otherwise!

A poorly toe to go with the poorly back.


Anonymous said...

Aw sympathy ...I did similar on Ikea wooden bath mat thing...soooo sure I broke it ..but nothing one can do..
And backs so wearing too
Get well soon

Rohan Quine said...

Helena, you poor bunny - I waft calm, healing vibes to you...
Rohan x

Helena Halme said...

Thank you Anonymous and Rohan! I'm a little better now, but it's really incredible how debilitating a fractured little toe can be!