Friday, 17 October 2014

Coffee and Vodka paperback is nearly here!

I can hardly believe it myself that I'll soon be able to hold a copy of Coffee and Vodka, with its spanking new cover, in my hands. But today I've had the final versions of both the interior layout by the intrepid Roz Morris and the front and back cover design by Jessica Bell, so that wonderful day will soon be here.

I thought after publishing my first book, The Englishman, the second novel would just be run of the mill, but no, in some ways it's even more exciting. It could be because this time around I'm more knowledgeable about the process of getting a Kindle book into a paperback version, and so feel much more in control of the process. (Even though I've been much busier with my day job).

Anyway, here is the new cover in its full glory. What do you think?

The paperback copy
 will be on sale very soon
 - watch this space...

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