Wednesday 21 July 2010

Never go back

We've only been out of our house for a couple of days, but due to the incompetence of the removal company, we had to go and collect a few potted plants from our old house today. As our chocolate Labrador's new home is next door, we thought we'd nip in to see how he was doing.

Well, he was doing fine but I didn't take it so well. It was as if we were dropping him off all over again and I kicked myself for being so stupid as to think I could see him without getting upset. I now have an empty feeling in my gut that just won't go away. Even a fantasy shop at Net-a-Porter didn't help.

It's true when people say you should never go back.

For those of you that are interested, here's my wish list for today. All items from Net-a-Porter (because I was too knackered to look anywhere else).

Michael Kors Midsized chronograph watch
Michael Kors watch

Splendid Cotton shirt
Splendid cotton shirt

JETS by Jessika Allen Contrast one-piece
Contrast one-piece JETS by Jessika Ellen

large product image
Notify Rossolis cotton-blend cargo pants


Rose said...

Oh I am sorry, it would break my heart to have to leave an animal but sometimes it's best for them as I'm sure it is in this case xx

louboutinJools said...

Love the look of the Notify Cargo pants. I really want to try the J Brand Houlihan ones.

Sorry to hear about your dog, can only imagine how much you must miss him.

Unknown said...

I can't decide whether I'd go for Notify's version or the ubiquitous Houlihans;-) Not that I can afford either - might just go for Dorothy Perkins' "homage" cargo pants:-)

Anonymous said...

I agree, going back leaves you with the most awkward feeling. Hope the dog didn't go to upset though.


Anonymous said...

As a devoted reader of your excellent blog, I have to trust that you left your pet behind with the idea that it was best for the pet's welfare, but... is it? You're being tugged because you know they are part of the family, and even with a new family and familiar surroundings, they know they have been abandoned. If there is any way to take the dog to your new place, I highly encourage it for everyone's best welfare.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I really feel for you over your dog. What a shame, that's so sad...

Hope you're ok xx