Tuesday 9 April 2013

A-z Blogging Challenge: H is for Helsinki

My theme: Writing and the business of writing

What has Helsinki got to do with writing, I hear you scream. Well, OK, absolutely nothing, although, Helsinki is the setting for two of my books, and will be the setting for my next book too. (More about this later.)

I just thought today, about third way thoroughly this challenge, it's time for a pictorial post.

I wasn't born in Helsinki, so I can't claim to be 'bare footed' Hesalainen (I don't know why Helsinki born Finns are called 'bare footed', strange?). But, I was only 15 when we moved there, and I lived in Helsinki until I moved to the UK, so it's very much a home town for me.

I've also just booked tickets to go to Helsinki in May to do some research for the above mentioned book, so I thought these pictures I took last summer would be fitting. I hope you enjoy them!

To learn more about Helsinki, go to Visit Helsinki.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Helena .. I've never been to Scandinavia .. or in particular Helsinki .. but Finland has always fascinated me ..

Your 'home' looks quite delightful - and one day I hope to visit .. but enjoy that May return for your research ...

Cheers Hilary

Unknown said...


You must go! It's easy to do as a weekend trip and it is lovely - especially in the summer…


Faye North said...

I love your photos. I was in Helsinki almost 30 years ago, and in the winter. I'd love to go back in the summer to see what's under all the snow.
Great post!
Faye at Destination: Fiction

Deb Betz said...

Looks beautiful!

Visiting from A~Z


Finnish girl from Yorkshire! said...

Hello Helena, I went to Finland to visit my parents and my mother showed me the 5:2 documentary. I came back home to England and bought Mosleys book and there was a quote of yours I assume! I am on my first day of fasting today after blood tests at my GP's. It was just funny to find another Finn who was even quoted in the book I read :) I hope this works for me too, I can't see why it wouldn't!

(Ajattelin kirjoittaa Englanniksi kun blogin muukin kieli oli)

Jeane M. said...

Looks like fun lovely photos in here. Got my eye on your next posts.

Unknown said...

Thank folks for your lovely comments. I can't wait to be in Helsinki again, I just hope I'll be as lucky with the weather as I was last summer.

Finnish Girl from Yorkshire - wow, what a connection. Yes, Dr Moseley's 5:2 diet book has got a few pages of my blog stuff on it, they asked nicely if they could have it & i was happy to comply!

Toivottavasti sun dietti menee hyvin? Olen itse laihtunut jo 8 kiloa, ja nyt jo niin tottunut siihen että en voisi ajatellakkaan olla pitämättä patouspäiviä joka viikko.

Kiva tutustua näin netissä, onko itselläsi blogi?

Helena xx