Saturday 10 November 2012

The Englishman is an Awesome Indie!

I was absolutely bowled over earlier today when I had an email telling me that the wonderful and discerning folks at the Awesome Indies site had selected The Englishman to be one of their new titles! This after my novel was one of the October reads at Alliance of Independent Authors! It's more than incredible to be recognised in this way by your peers.

Especially as The Awesome Indies site lists only 'quality books written by independently published authors'.

As the blurb on the site further says,

The difference between this site and others that showcase Indie books is that the only criteria for inclusion on this list is quality, and the quality is determined by publishing professionals.
Well….The Englishman is listed as one of the new titles and the link to the site is here. Do go and visit Awesome Indies, there are some other (!) great titles at great prices listed there too.
Off to make myself a well deserved cup of coffee…think there will be a requirement something cold & bubbly later this evening!?


Karen Jones Gowen said...

Well done, Helena! I have The Englishman on my Kindle waiting to read. Really looking forward to it!

Unknown said...

Karen, Thank you and I hope you like The Englishman! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Helena! Wow, you finished your novel! Congratulations! And congratulations for being recognised by all these wonderful websites! How does it feel to have published your book on Kindle? Polina